Washington DC Tourist Attractions

Washington DC is the capitol state of the United States of America, any visitor coming to the US would surely want to visit the city that has a complete classy environment and varied tourist attractions. The famous Washington DC tourist attractions include architectural government buildings, museums, monument, the National Mall and the Smithsonian museums. While in Washington DC you will not be bored as there are several attractions along with the attractions of nearby suburbs of Virginia and Maryland.

Washington DC is situated at the eastern coast of the US, over 230 miles south of New York City. It takes just half an hour drive to Baltimore and over two hours to reach Philadelphia. Given below are some of the famous locations to visit in Washington DC, you surely cannot cover all of them in just one visit. It will require a week or so to completely love the beauty of the place and enjoy your time at each of its beautiful and ancient museums

The Smithsonian museums are world famous.  They cover a wide range of topics relating to arts, space exploration and national treasures. You can get the map and information from Smithsonian Institution building. These are very interesting to see and kids especially would love to explore the interactive space museums. Save your time to watch IMAX movie at the space museum and Natural history museum.

The National monument and memorials are truly spectacular, showcasing its rich heritage. You can see their best during nighttime when they are lit, and they are also less crowded so parking is easier. You can take a tour bus during day time and the park ranger will surely keep you entertained.

While at US capitol state, you cannot miss visiting three government houses: the capitol building, the US supreme court and the White House. You will get a fulfilling understand of the democratic government here. You can book advance tours to visit these places.

Georgetown is the place where you would love to spend time near the historic waterfront, the area is crowded with lots of activities going on. It is the best place for shopping and enjoying quite meal at the restaurants here.

Do not forget to visit concerts and shows happening at the Kennedy Center, they provide full entertainment and you would always want to keep coming to this place.

For adventure lovers, you can take a hiking tour at Great Falls Park, it has some of the best and spectacular views of the Potomac river. The park is spread over 800 acre of land, it is located just over 14 miles from Washington DC.

Mount Vernon is a full day excursion and its recent additions include an education center and a museum. The place houses varied art galleries and theaters, you can spend some fun time by visiting 500-acre estate of George Washington.

Other Washington DC tourist attractions includes places like old post office pavilion, Jefferson memorial, FDR memorial, world war II memorial, Korean memorial, The African American Museum, Vietnam memorial, Potomac River yacht cruise, Iwo Jima memorial and many other such locations.