National Park Washington DC

Most major cities have a bus tour that takes you to a variety of a city’s major attractions. For anyone who is visiting Washington, DC however and is looking for an informative and interesting tour, they should take a walking tour that visits the various monuments and memorials located in and around National Park. This article will provide a few of the more popular Washington sites to visit.

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial honors the President’s 4 terms in office. This memorial is an outdoor memorial, and it is divided into 4 sections. As you visit these 4 sections, you will see murals and statues that represent a variety of issues starting at the Great Depression and finishing with World War II. A visit to the FDR Memorial allows you to learn and reflect about some of the more important events in American history. You will also enjoy scenic views of the iconic cherry blossom trees that surround the memorial and Tidal Basin.

Your next visit should take you to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Many visitors state that this memorial is their favorite piece of architecture. The Jefferson Memorial is the site of many ceremonies and annual events including the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The Jefferson Memorial persists as a figure of liberty. It was designed to represent a smaller version of the Roman Pantheon. It has iconic columns and marble steps. The interior of the Memorial has a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson. All of the interior walls are inlaid with various excerpts from his many speeches, letters, and the Declaration of Independence.

The Washington Monument was constructed to honor George Washington. George Washington was the first president of America. It is a freestanding stone structure that is the tallest in the world. The construction of the monument started in 1848, but due to the Civil War, political squabbling, and a lack of funds, the work was interrupted from 1854 to 1877.

You will notice this interruption by looking up to about 1/3 of the monuments height. There will be a definite change of color in the stones. The slightly darker stones are noticeable at the bottom section and were put into place before the interruption. The lighter colored stones that are on the top of the monument were brought in after the Civil War from a different quarry.

The final must-see monument in Washington, DC is the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial is perhaps one of the more favorite sites to visit by many of Washington’s visitors. It is a neoclassical monument that was constructed in honor of the 16th president of America. There is a 19-foot tall statue of Abraham Lincoln. This statue has Abraham Lincoln sitting while overlooking the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool.

The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated in 1922, and it has been the site of many defining moments in American history. For example, the “I Have a Dream” speech from Martin Luther King Jr. was delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. There were approximately 250,000 people in attendance for the speech. All of these memorials and monuments can be seen when you visit the National Mall in Washington, DC.